Angelic - Dorothy Teapot
Angelic - Dorothy Teapot

Pottery for the Planet

Angelic - Dorothy Teapot

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Tea for Two!
This gorgeous faceted teapot is the perfect size to enjoy a cuppa with another!
The Limited Edition Dorothy Teapot features a low profile lid
Both of these cute teapots feature a double copper handle and a macramé cord attached to the lid so you'll never lose it!

The Angelic Glaze is one of our all-time favourites. A beautiful running aqua green, sometimes with cute flecks of purple and red, running down over white like rainbows from heaven.
All teapots are handmade and one of a kind.
You will receive a teapot similar to those pictured but no two are the same, with variations in size, colour and markings - but that's what makes them unique!

Pottery For The Planet teapots are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. We high-fire all of our pieces for added durability, however, ceramic will crack if knocked or dropped.

Specifications are approximate. Although we do our best to keep things uniform, being handmade there are slight variations in size, weight, shape, texture, pattern and volume.

Teapot: height 10cm, volume 480ml, weight 500g - 600g
Limited Edition Teapot: height 11cm, volume 480ml, weight 500g - 600g

NOTE - specifications are approximate. Height includes the lid.

Designed in Australia made in Vietnam.