Children's Sustainable Umbrella - Spice

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Children's Sustainable Umbrella - Spice

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Grech and Co kids umbrellas are proudly made with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.
The fabric of the umbrella is made from recycled used bottles turned into recycled polyester fabric.

The frame of the umbrella is made of fibreglass, offering strength against wind force.

Made with a vegan leather finish, the handle completes the fun yet sophisticated aesthetic of the umbrella, while offering a friendlier material solution over traditional plastic.

- Safe manual child-friendly open and close function in the color buff
- Fibreglass (windproof) frame in the color buff
- Velcro closure strap in the color golden
- Anti slip handle in leather color camel
- Rounded ball points for a safe frame solution in the color buff
- Designed in Europe + produced in P.R.C
- Great for All Weather Use; Year round use.

19 inches
Recommended Age Range: 2.5+

Important Information
Our umbrella factory is Global Recycled Standards (GRS) compliant - thus, supporting recycled material composition and traceability, environmental criteria compliance, ethical social / worker standards, and more...

Clean + Care
Daily Cleaning: spot clean with soft cloth and warm water. Allow to air dry or pat dry with a soft cloth. Store indoors