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Crane Flower - Reed Diffuser

Crane Flower - Reed Diffuser

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Smells floral and fresh. Gentle. One of Amberjack's cult fragrances. 

Top Notes: Tuberose. Lemon. Honeysuckle 
Middle Notes: Lily of the valley. Gardenia.
Base Notes: Jasmine. Magnolia. Coconut Milk.

When you first assemble your Amberjack Reed Diffuser, allow the reeds to infuse in the oil for a few minutes before turning over. This will give the reeds a head start and will improve the scent throw. We recommend you turn the reeds weekly to maintain a good level of fragrance.

Care Guide

Store diffuser on a flat, stable surface.
Ensure diffuser is placed securely to avoid being knocked over or affected by wind.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
If the scent is too strong, remove a couple of reeds.
If diffuser oil is spilt, clean with a wet cloth immediately.
Keep away from direct heat or sunlight to avoid the reeds drying out.


Top Notes: Tuberose. Lemon. Honeysuckle Middle Notes: Lily of the valley. Gardenia. Base Notes: Jasmine. Magnolia. Coconut Milk.

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