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Puzzle - Juliette Hogan

Puzzle - Juliette Hogan

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Fashion designer Juliette Hogan creates clothing for the modern woman suffused with elegance and ease and is celebrated for her unique and evocative prints that are the foundation of each seasonal collection. Exploring new places, and time spent in the natural world is when Juliette feels her most inspired, calm and free and JH prints aim to express this felt experience – capturing the essence of the beauty all around us.  

Tapestry Floral is the third 1,000 piece puzzle to celebrate the Juliette Hogan Collection 2021.FOUR hero Tapestry Floral print.  Tapestry Floral celebrates Collection 2021.FOUR with this joyful image captured by Luke Foley-martin and brought to life by a creative and collaborative team incorporating graphic elements by NZ artist Nadia Flowers, renowned for her striking mixed-media illustrations.

1000 piece puzzles

Finished puzzle is 68cm x 48cm

Box dimensions: 26.5cm x 21.5cm x 5.5cm

Puzzle pieces come in a fabric bag inside the box

Care Guide

Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine and relax with your puzzle. We hope you love them.


The cardboard for the puzzles and boxes are a mixture of recycled and sustainably grown timber. All inks used are soy based ink.

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