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The Everything Guide

The Everything Guide

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Every woman’s honest, healthy guide to eating, moving and feeling your best — for the rest of your life.

Feel your best — for the rest of your life.

The essential new book from bestselling health writer and trusted menopause advocate Niki Bezzant, author of This Changes Everything.

In The Everything Guide, Niki brings together her decades of research and writing about food, exercise and personal health with the very latest, evidence-based expert advice in an informative, practical, easy-to-read (and always honest!) must-have manual for every woman in midlife and beyond.

Niki re-frames ageing for a new generation, tackling body image struggles; mental health challenges; feeling ‘lost’ in midlife and re-connecting with ourselves during a time of hormonal transition. The book is also packed with easy-to-follow, practical advice on eating, movement, stress, energy, sleep and more.

With no fads and no bullshit, this is an inspiring guide full of long-term strategies for feeling great in your body and mind. The Everything Guide really does contain everything every woman needs to feel great now and for the decades to come.

Includes: Loving the skin you’re in — What’s going on in a midlife body — How to move — Changing how we think about food — But what shall I eat? — The thing about weight — Disordered eating: a midlife trap — Filling your cup: stress, energy, fatigue and mood — Sexuality, intimacy and desire — On the outside . . . aesthetic stuff — Clothing and style — On the inside: finding yourself (and finding the joy).

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