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Immune Booster - Blackcurrent Berry

Immune Booster - Blackcurrent Berry

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Your new daily hero, our immune booster blend. Packed to the brim with ingredients thought to supercharge your immune system. In one scoop you can get all the benefits of our fave body-strengthening helpers. PS You might have some berry floaties after mixing -  that’s because we use real blackcurrants and blueberries.


Minimal, locally sourced ingredients

Vegan friendly

Gut-loving prebiotic powders

Tasty source of Zinc

Real New Zealand freeze-dried berries


Vitamin C -

Vitamin C boosts our immune defense by enhancing the ability of white blood cells to combat microbes, leading to improved overall immune health.

Zinc -

Zinc Gluconate acts as a shield, enhancing our immune system's ability to fight off infections and can be even more effective when combined with other health strategies.

L-Glutamine -

L-Glutamine is a key nutrient that fuels our immune system, aiding in the growth and function of immune cells to keep our body's defense strong.

New Zealand Blueberry Powder -

Blueberry Powder, with its daily moderate intake, supports your immune system by potentially reducing the risk of various health issues.

New Zealand Blackcurrant Powder -

Blackcurrant Powder helps calm inflammation by affecting immune cells, which may lead to a healthier immune response.

Prebiotic (Chicory Root) -

Chicory root fibre can help to strengthen our inner defence with their positive effects on immunity in various ways involving the gut and it's microbiota.

This Booster will keep you going all month long with 25 servings per bag.


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